Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB)

Pre-engineered buildings have become an essential option for a number of buildings such as warehouses in infrastructure projects and production shops for every conceivable manufacturing activity. With the large, clean floor area free of columns or obstructions, afforded by this concept, PEB's find favour with organisation who have very dynamic plans related to products and process handled by them over a period of time. In warehouses, the pre-engineered building allows for more storage and stacking than the conventional concepts such as concrete and site fabricated structural steel. PEBs permit end user to optimise column free space to suit racking arrangements and internal logistical requirements.

We specialize in providing turnkey solutions in Pre Engineered Buildings in respect of insulation and Noise control. As well to acquaint our capability, we are pleased to present various details including those related to manufacturing of Pre Engineered Buildings, their complete field erection coupled with necessary Roofing and Cladding.

Trapezoidal Profile Sheets

We are a leading manufacturer of Trapezoidal Profile Sheets. Trapezoidal Profile sheets are available in both Galvanized (GI Base) and Galvalume (Alu-Zinc) steel sheets. The customer can select among a variety of color options along with the option of selecting the material in bare Galvalume form.

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Anti Capillary groove ensures Leak proof roofs.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions.

C & Z Purlins

They are primarily used to provide lightweight, economical, efficient roofing and cladding support systems for framed structures. They are available in a range of different sizes and configurations..These Purlins are manufactured using utmost materials and modern machines to ensure customer's satisfactions.

  • Continuous splay or slicing for better structural strength, stability & economy.
  • Light weight reduced handling and transportation cost.
  • Saving in construction time.
  • Fast to erect and easy handling.

Turbo Air Ventilator

It runs on wind and convective currents and helps to remove heat, smoke, obnoxious gases, dust and fumes. Turbo Ventilator are economical to run, environment friendly, mechanically strong, light in weight, noise free, leakage proof, maintenance free, weather and storm proof.

  • Strong, Resistant to fire and to all weather conditions.
  • Easy to assemble, saves time and labor cost.
  • Light, Easy to handle and store.
  • Does not break, crack or leak.
  • Environment friendly.

Poly Carbonate Sheet

We are the leading supplier of polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate sheets have a wide variety of applications in Roofing, Cladding and also in Agriculture mainly in Green Houses, Sports Stadiums, Railway Stations, Bus Stops,Walk Ways, Malls ,Airports, Gates, Garages, Garden, Swimming Pools & other Architectural Applications to meet design needs.

  • Ultra Violet (UV) Protection: It is with UV protective layer and has resistance to yellowing.
  • Better Transparency.
  • Temperature resistance range to 40 -120”ĘC.
  • High impact Strength : 250-300 times that of ordinary glass and 20-30 times that of acrylic sheeting.
  • Enhance sound reduction.